How to Improve Your Business Operations Through the Use Of Innovative Plastic Packaging


The use of plastic packaging has brought many improvements to the global logistics operations, by providing standardized and reliable packaging materials which can be integrated in and handled by automated manufacturing and loading systems. During the start of 2016, major logistic companies have met in various summits to discuss the future of their industry, to promote new, coherent policies, and to make prognostics on the major trends which will rule the industrial packaging world.

During these public events, plastic packaging manufacturers for industrial use have presented their views on the best ways to serve their customers and create a sustainable growth plan for the packaging business. These views will be certainly incorporated in the future plastic packaging materials, and will represent the overall design and manufacturing principles applied by the largest manufacturers, which in turn will influence smaller packaging suppliers and logistics companies.

Why Other Companies Need to Know about the Upcoming Trends

Knowing of these trends ahead of time, as end clients for packaging manufacturers means that you can look out for the newest and most reliable products, order them ahead of time and benefit from the improved quality and functionality. For instance, if you are planning to replenish your stock of pallets, you can wait until plastic pallet manufacturers roll out their latest models with special features and design to fulfill your needs.

More than Green Plastic Packaging – Sustainable, Long Term Solutions

The trend of using recyclable or recycled materials to manufacture plastic packaging materials is not new, but it will be soon revamped with a new concept: adding social responsibility among all the key players in the life cycle of packaging materials. Packaging suppliers strive to educate their customers and to offer them incentives for disposing of old and damaged packaging materials in a responsible manner.

In turn, companies in all industries are savvier and more careful in selecting a logistic company which promotes environmental responsibility through the products and services it offers. When they are shopping for plastic packaging materials, logistic managers worldwide are trying to identify business partners which promote these long term sustainable values.

Incorporating Modern Technologies Into Packaging Materials

Safeguarding the products stored in boxes and containers during transport is one of the main purposes of plastic packaging manufacturers. So far, their offer includes large containers with lids provided with RFID labels and anti-tampering locks and seals. Soon, the NFC (near-field communication) technology which is incorporated in smartphones will be also included in plastic packaging materials to help logistics personnel identify packaged products easily and process large orders faster and more efficiently.

Affordable Customization for Challenging Products

One key aspect of plastic packaging trends for 2016 is the promotion of bespoke and customized packaging solutions to suit the needs of companies which manufacture challenging products: special sized, fragile, valuable, sensitive or very heavy. Customized packaging materials have always been significantly more expensive than their standard sized counterparts and sometimes the final solution is still not the perfect fit for the product.

With the introduction of smart manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, fully automated production lines and modern and specialized raw materials, the customization process for plastic packaging materials will become more efficient, cheaper, and thus more affordable for end clients.

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