Perfect Packaging: How a Box Making Machine Can Transform Your Business


On the surface, cardboard packaging may seem like a minor consideration for business operations – but in fact, the packaging process could be costing your company a lot of time and money if you don’t have an effective strategy in place!

Common packaging problems include not having the right size of box to hand to fulfil an order quickly, wasting money and increasing your carbon footprint with extra and unnecessary packaging, and delivered products getting damaged or breaking due to being in the wrong size of box. Furthermore, as the first thing an e-commerce customer sees, the box a product arrives in can have a big impact on your brand and how people perceive it. Damaged items and wasteful packaging could be damaging your image in the long run!

Thankfully, there is a way to create the right cardboard box every time, providing perfect packaging for a range of items: the cardboard box making machine. A box making machine is a powerful investment for small businesses and large box plants alike, as box machines are highly efficient, cost-effective, and put you in control of the packaging process.

The Benefits of Box Making Machinery

Save time

With a cardboard box machine, you can create corrugated cardboard boxes of almost any size and style within seconds, including partitions, trays, pallet boxes, and more. You can also quickly change between styles to fulfil several different orders efficiently.

Box making machines can be used for short and long production runs, depending on your unique requirements. The industry-leading AutoBOX machine, for example, can produce up to 1,200 boxes an hour and requires only 25% of the energy of conventional machines.

Reduce packaging waste

A box making machine enables you to create cardboard boxes that perfectly fit the products you need to deliver, eliminating the need for extra packaging, such as packing peanuts and plastic void fillers.

By reducing packaging waste, your company can also minimise your carbon footprint, appealing to conscious consumers.

Make boxes as and when you need them

Instead of taking up lots of storage with pallets full of stock boxes just in case you need them, you can make only the boxes you require. This saves on space and reduces the cost of spare packaging that isn’t needed.

Make your packaging on-brand

Let e-commerce customers experience your brand from the first instant with a beautifully branded box. Box making machines use digital printing technology to fully customise every aspect of the box.

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