Corrugated Boxes – The Perfect Custom Packaging Option For Your Budding Businesses


With the rise of the online marketplace, we also saw the emergence of innovative new ideas and the revitalizing of older ones. Online businesses pride themselves in satisfying your needs in the most convenient and easiest of ways, and the fact that they are more accessible than tradition businesses only adds to their success.

The internet has given a myriad of opportunities for new entrepreneurs. Those that found starting their own enterprise difficult can easily accomplish it today with the greatest of ease. As a new business, appealing to your customers is of the utmost importance and can have an immense impact on the overall survival of your business. As it is with most online businesses, the only physical contact an entrepreneur has with his customers is when the said customer receives the service or product. Considering this, that first contact will go on to shaping your reputation and goodwill.

Packaging is the most underrated marketing tool. How well one receives your product can determine everything about your business, and choosing the best packaging solution is critical. After some research, it has come upon me that the best packaging solution for new businesses are corrugated boxes. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages.

A Look Into The Pros Of Corrugated Boxes

  • Corrugated boxes, primarily require cheap and easily accessible raw materials, meaning that they are the most affordable packaging option compared to other alternatives on the market.
  • They are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors. This means that you can customize your packaging to be unique to your business, which can impact your business in a positive manner in the future.
  • An attractive name, logo, and design on your product can go a long way. Corrugated boxes are print and graphics friendly. This can provide you with a new and effective marketing tool as you can easily promote your product using your custom boxes. This option can help you establish your name in the eyes of your customer, in the end, what’s pleasing to the eye is pleasing to the heart.
  • Corrugated boxes are incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. They can also be found in most regions of the world, and also, they are recyclable which is definitely a plus.
  • These boxes are made of corrugated paper boards which contain rows of air pockets. These pockets of air help absorb pressure, shock, vibration, and moisture. This provides a great deal of protection for your product.

Looking At Where It Fails

  • Their ability to handle heavy items is severely limited. They are not made to handle intense physical stress.
  • Being light weight and flexible, corrugated boxes become vulnerable to high pressure and can deform of be damaged.
  • Corrugated boxes are not weather resistant and can easily be saturated by liquids and can result in damaging results.

All in all, corrugated boxes are one of the best packaging solutions available in the market today, especially regarding affordability and flexibility. Investing in a custom packaging option can help propel your business forward and establish yourself on the market. Corrugated boxes may not be the most ideal of choices for some businesses, but it’s the best place one to start with.

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