Cheap and Effective Folding Box Board Packaging


Folding Box Board packaging is a special form of packaging made from layers of mechanical and chemical pulp that is bleached. This material produced is usually a manilla white colour. This type of folding board is the base for many packaging solutions. It is used in food, cosmetic, medical, photographic and frozen food industries and many others. The folding box board can then be coated for various packaging needs. It can have many treatments applied including adding lamination or aluminum foil to serve certain requirements. The board can be highly polished to a matt or gloss shine.

A greaseproof lining is sometimes used in folding box boards to accommodate different products. The board can be adapted to be suitable for many things including toys, beverages and clothing. If you need packaging for your product then you should find out more about cheap and effective packaging like a folding box board. Specialist suppliers can answer any questions you may have about this form of packaging material. There are several specialist companies on the Internet. It may be worth taking a look at their services and the products they can produce for you.

Samples of folding box board designs can be requested to assess the suitability for your requirements. The box board can be coloured, decorated, embossed, varnished and various other adaptations. Most suppliers will have an in house design service or you can provide your own prototype idea for production. Marketing, promotion and product launch samples are some of the services provided. A good supplier will have an impressive client list and produce quality goods. A good retailer will work with you whether your design is in house or bespoke.

Folding box board packaging is very flexible and absolutely ideal for many multi purpose packaging requirements. It has been tried and tested in transportation and durability for many decades. It is a solid, lightweight yet strong material that is a cheap, reliable and effective enclosure for any product. It is also easy to crease and fold into place to be interlocked or glued together. This type of packaging is very cost effective even when buying small amounts. The single or multi layered board can be printed on to with commercial ink and printers.

Folding box board is used in the creation of many kinds of packaging. It is used in regular packaging as well as promotional or sample packs. It is a very versatile pulp substance that can be molded into any shape or size. It is more often used for outside packaging rather than inner linings. The raw materials of these box products are primarily hard and soft wood, and recycled paper. The dual pulping process extracts the wood fibres to form this heavy duty cardboard.

Bleaching is done mainly for cosmetic purposes but it does increase the purity of the finished product. The material also appears to be a lighter colour following the bleaching process. Folding box board is low density and its layers reinforce its stiffening properties to make it ideal for cartons. This board packaging material is the perfect home for many well-known brands.

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