MLM and the Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging


The parallels of new age of positive thinking, inspirational and success quoting in social networking, wealth and prosperity coaching and the desires of the many to navigate a challenging economy have birthed a new wave of home based business opportunity proliferation.

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or Human Based Marketing is the new ‘hip’ in society today. Referral based marketing models are showing up in most every consumer segment and product category. From singular one time purchases to a multitude of juice clubs, one stop shopping portals offering discount pricing on every consumer need in life, to greeting cards, legal and Financial services. Most which rely on initial enrollment packages, auto shipments and continuing entries on your monthly credit card statements.

Many forms of network marketing methods from home Pampered Chef and Tupperware parties to theater hall meetings geared at hyping regular everyday nutritional products as miracle cures, hypnotizing presentations peppered by testimonials, inspirational stories of wealth in a can and provocative value proposition statements designed to impact people to act without further investigation. Meet-up groups, 5 minute dating formats applied to networking a product or service and educational trainings by FREE internet webinars encouraging additional opt-ins. Everything from the exciting to the droning mundane is available and marketed to those looking to supplement their monthly bottom lines.

Referral platforms are showing up in more corporate settings masked as profit sharing programs such as the Keller Williams Real Estate company’s business model which has received accolades from educational institutions such as Stanford University. Other Real Estate Firms like Exit Realty, Intero and Sellstate have jump on this recruitment platform since the success of Keller Williams. With the plunge of home sales nationally, Agents along with their mortgage counterparts have been the targets of MLM recruiters as many of these independent contractors scramble to make ends meet.

When so many people are suffering while the middle of the month equals the end of the money, the hype of prosperity though network marketing and home based businesses capture the interest of multitudes of the otherwise simple minded blue collar. The promise of wealth packaged in the illusion of boating on the islands of Hawaii sipping Mai Tai’s may ease most by the suggestion that anyone can succeed like the leaders who make the claims that they themselves bypassed their own financial woes by jumped aboard, experiencing untold fortunes like a dancer in the night.

Facts tell, stories SELL and every other enrollment approach is underwritten to move the multitudes into these programs without censorship or due diligence. While some of these companies may appear to boast a higher quality product, many of them are the same or less quality than those we can purchase at our local discount food mart. Even the latest weight loss craze has found its answer in the PX90, Shakeology movement.

This company offers to give its distributors (Coaches) existing customers answering their infomercials in the hopes its multi-level minded Coaches can sell them additional nutritional products containing what appears to be the everyday ingredients found in most other commercial meal replacement and protein brands found in every health store and most major gyms across the country at nearly half the cost.

While I may seem mad about this, maybe even negative, my message here is really the opposite. All the above exists in our society and I can as well stand on my soapbox and claim it is all good. I too have joined a dozen of them over the last 30 years and have found some of the best products on the marketplace, though few of them penciled out to fit my long term financial expectations.

The message here is that most opportunities are jumped on with little intelligence applied and before a match is found with the passions of the heart. It must be a project that combines your passions with where you place the legacy you wish to aspire to, while it synchs with the reality of the actual opportunity. For those who really want to succeed in an endeavor that can be proven to compensate based on the efforts of the people that make that sale as opposed to a pay down that benefits those at the top, I invite you to contact me. I have spent years examining marketing protocols of both the traditional and the trendy, while also supporting a compassionate approach to the human potential movement. I will share with you what may vibe deep with your heartfelt desire to help others.

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Bryan Ridgley

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