Windows 7 Startup Problems – How to Fix Windows 7 Startup Problems With Easy Tips


Ever wonder how to eliminate Windows 7 startup problems? Isn’t it after all quite distressing to have a start up problem on your computer – whether it is slow in booting up or fails to enter the operating system? There is no need to worry about that because here are some easy tips you can take to fix Windows 7 startup problems instantly.

If you fail to boot the computer, you can:

#1. Use Windows startup Disk to fix this problem. If the failure of booting is result from the errors or the damaged files of starting system, a start up disk will help to solve this problem with ease.

#2. Use last know Good Configuration to fix Windows 7 startup problem. It is also a common method to enter the operating system. To use last know Good Configuration you can press F8 when you reboot the system. Then select “Last know Good Configuration” on the Advanced Boot Options screen to enter this mode.

#3. Use System Restore option in safe mode. Enter the safe mode as the step in to last know Good Configuration in method #2. Choose System Restore option in System Tool in start menu.

If you find the startup process very slow, we suggest that you should:

#1. Remove redundant programs in your booting items as many as possible. After finishing this action, the speed of startup can be improved by no less than 40%.

#2. Delete short cuts on desktop. The more icons on the desktop, the longer it takes to restart. To fix Windows 7 startup problem, you should clear up the unnecessary short cuts on your computer desktop.

#3. Optimize registry regularly with proper registry maintenance tool. Registry error is the main reason that slows down the rebooting speed. You had better do registry cleanup timely to speed up Windows 7 start up process.

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