What Is the Benefit of Using Packing Peanuts?


If you are planning a move then you may well be wondering, “What is the benefit of using packing peanuts?” Packing peanuts are also called “loose fill”, as that is basically what they do, fill in loose space between your possessions and the box walls so that there is less risk of damage.

Packaging peanuts got their name from their size and unusual shape. The shape is actually meant to help them lock together when they are compressed in a tight spot; this keeps them from moving much. They are often made from Styrofoam, but can also be made from starch, which has become more popular in recent times. Starch is not only biodegradable but also non-toxic. Non-toxic is always a good thing when there are small children or pets nearby. This way, you won’t have too much of a fright if a little one mistakes a packaging peanut for a real peanut.

The major benefit comes when you have big oddly shaped items you have to pack (or ship, if you are a company). Bubble wrap is an option, but bubbles won’t stop the item from rolling around if the box is too large. Packaging peanuts fill up that extra space and cushion your precious items so that even in transit there isn’t much movement inside the box. The combination of bubble wrap and packing peanuts is a winner if you are very worried about a piece getting damaged. The low cost of packing peanuts also puts them ahead of most other packing supplies.

Packing peanuts can sometimes be considered a pain, once the item is out and the little styrofoam/starch pieces end up everywhere. There are actually a large number of things customers can do with packing peanuts, even after opening the box. They can always be saved and stored for moving, or be used for projects around the house. If a customer is into gardening he/she can use those left over peanuts in the bottoms of planters to help keep soil drained and plants thriving. Packing peanuts can also be used for arts and crafts on rainy days with little ones; simply dampen one end and it will stick to others, creating a “no glue, no mess” project.

What is the benefit of using packing peanuts for business? They are low cost. They can also be used with any item of any shape. They can also be reused. The next time you are packing or having something to ship, keep packing peanuts in mind.

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