Tips on Packing a Suitcase – The Stack Method


Packing a suitcase properly has thwarted many a traveler! But it’s not too tricky if you know the tips. The goal, as always, is to maximize space while avoiding a case full of wrinkled and unwearable clothing. Luckily there are several ways to achieve this. This article looks at the Stack Method.

1) Figure out ahead of time how much and what kind of clothing you’ll need for your trip. Clearly a week-long city break requires more than a weekend to the country. Ask yourself: What does the weather report say? Will you have laundry facilities where you’re going? It goes without saying that you won’t need hiking boots for a beach holiday or a suit at a camp site!

2) Pack only small toiletries if possible. Make sure to seal them in plastic bags to protect against spillage. If you really need bigger bottles or packages, at least make sure they are a practical shape – flat instead of round or uneven. Choose bottles with screw-on or secure caps that won’t suddenly burst open.

3) Before you begin packing, make a list. Then cut down this list by about 10% or so. It helps if you figure out your outfits beforehand, so you know if all the items are really necessary. Once you’re made sure you’re not taking too much unnecessary stuff, you’re ready to pack.

The Stack Method

1. Start with shirts, t shirt and tops. Stack them all on top of each other without folding them. Make sure the more easily wrinkled ones are at the bottom.
2. Now fold the sleeves all in together.
3. Fold the shirts in half. You should end up with a roughly rectangular shape. Because they are in a big bundle, your tops are more wrinkle-resistant and the shape means they will fit nicely into your suitcase.
4. Fold trousers and jeans individually in half and stack them again in order of wrinkliness!
5. Hold this pile in half like you did with the shirts and place your trousers rectangle into the suitcase alongside the shirts pile
6. If you have skirts and dresses, lie them down in the suitcase over the your two rectangles. Tuck the ends around the piles to save space.
7. Stuff your shoes with underwear and socks and fit them into the gaps in your suitcase.
8. Do the same with toiletries and any other possessions – but if possible, keep them towards the center to prevent excessive bumping and possible spillage.

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