Startup Compare Bear Helps Kiwis Save on Broadband


Startup New Zealand website has expanded its services to help Kiwis get the best prices for their broadband needs.

The recently launched website, which offers utilities comparison, initially offered only power comparison, but has now expanded to include broadband comparison. The new service launch has already seen thousands of users compare, switch and save on their broadband.

Compare Bear was founded this year by Michael Speight – a former Facilities Manager – and Denis Tyu’kov – a former Financial Auditor. Both decided to quit their career jobs to dedicate their time to helping Kiwis save on their everyday bills.

“In the small amount of time the website has been running, we’ve had tens of thousands of New Zealanders use the Compare Bear website.” says Speight. “From those, thousands have found a better deal on their broadband using our online comparison tool. We saw many users switch and save on their electricity providers using Compare Bear, and now the broadband comparison service is proving to be working just as well!”

“Being able to help everyday Kiwis save on their bills is a really great feeling for us.” adds Tyu’kov. “We set out on a mission to save our customers time and money, and the feedback we have got from them has shown us that we are achieving this mission! There’s not many services available out there that gives users the tools they need to get unbiased price comparisons, and we are happy to now be providing that service.”

With Compare Bear, users answer a few questions – such as their location, usage and speed preferences – and are presented with a range of options best suited to their needs. Each option has a full breakdown of what’s included, so that each plan can be compared by the same standards. If users choose to sign up with another internet service provider, it’s a simple process to make the switch.

With the success of the power and broadband comparison service, founders Speight and Tyu’kov predict more utilities comparison services to come. “The next comparison services we plan to launch is mobile phone plan comparison and travel insurance comparison.” Speight says. “And we won’t stop there either – we can’t wait to continue adding more valuable free comparison services to our website!”

There are no charges to users to use the Compare Bear website – it’s 100% free and easy for everyone to use.

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