Packaging Items Together in eBay Sales to Add Value to Them


A question people often ask is “can we package items together in eBay to add value to them?” and the answer is very often yes. And the answer works for people just selling items out of their own home or they are selling as a full-time business. You can add just a few items or hundreds of items, but there is a process that we will look at below.

You are looking at selling beauty items, as you know this is a large niche and they have money to spend on a very regular basis, but the problem is the profits are small and you do not really want to be selling just one item to a customer. So as well as just having the single items on sale, why not make up bundle of items such as

Bubble Bath, Shower Gel, Body Lotion and add a nice sponge, you would put these in a nice plastic bag or a small wicker basket. Add a ribbon and all of a sudden you have taken 3 items that would sell for £9.99 together but now you have added a sponge and some ribbon and a cheap basket you could ask £14.99 and people would be willing to pay you day in and day out. Why? Well you have just added value to the items, it has become a present for themselves or a friend.

Or if you are selling your children’s used clothing, why not put them into bundles or as they are often called on eBay “Lots”. You could have a summer lot, winter lot, play lot, summer boys lot etc. Again you can add some value by selling in bundles or lots.

A way to look at selling items together is to go on to eBay and do a search for the category you are looking at selling in. Then say how can I improve that item. What else can I add to the item to make it sell more and also add some more profit to my bottom line.

You are selling children’s crayons and you are doing very well and are making a nice profit, why not add a free colouring book? You can make one up yourself by using public domain pictures and printing them or you could buy them in bulk. These items would only cost you pennies to buy or produce and would allow you to offer a “rainy day colouring package” parents would love you for that.

When you sell online you often need to think outside the box and with eBay this is still the same. And in closing yes as long as your items allow you to package them together do so, you will add profit to your business time and time a go.

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