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Belarusian is a language spoken by the people of Belarus. Not only in Belarus, but it is also spoken in some parts of Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, and many other countries. It has two major dialects (north-eastern and south-western). Belarusian is not a difficult language at all. In fact, most documents, whether they are business documents or private documents, are written in the Belarusian language. It is much different from other languages. For example, the grammar, sentences, and word order, etc. – all are different in Belarusian.

This post is all about the translation of the Belarusian marriage certificate. Today, you will get to know how Belarusian is different from other languages and what to do if you need to translate your marriage certificate that is in the Belarusian language. Therefore, do not go anywhere and stick to today’s post till the end.

How Belarusian is different from the Russian language?

Belarusian and Russian belong to the same group of languages, but there are some distinct differences between the two. In the 20th century, different policies were created in which Russian was made more common than Belarusian. Since then, Russian has been widely used in education, politics, travel, or other important matters of business and life.

The Belarusian language has some unique words that only Belarusians can understand. Russians cannot understand the Belarusian language, especially if these unique words are used. However, Belarusians can understand the Russian language.

Other differences between both languages lie in the structure of sentences, grammar, the order of words, punctuation, consonants, and vowels.

How to translate the Belarusian marriage certificate?

One of the important legal documents is a marriage certificate which is considered proof of marriage. It can be required at the time of applying for a visa or passport, for immigration, study or to apply for a job. Although it is not difficult to learn the Belarusian language, when it comes to translation of documents to and from Belarusian, it is a bit challenging. Therefore, it is always recommended to get your Belarusian marriage certificate translated into another language by a certified translation agency. Yeah, you heard it right! It is the birmingham translation agency that may provide you with an accurate and complete translation of your Belarusian marriage certificate.

Now the question that arises here is how you can get to know whether the translation agency you are choosing is reliable or not. The answer is simple: You need to ask some questions to your translator.

  • Do you provide certified translations?
  • For how many years, you have been providing translation services?
  • Are your translators highly-professional or experienced?
  • Do you provide revisions?
  • What will be the cost of Belarusian marriage certificate translation?
  • Do you offer round-the-clock customer support?

All the above questions are very important and may help you decide whether the translation agency is the best fit for your translation needs or not.

Does Kings of Translation provide Belarusian marriage certificate translation services?

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