There are many reasons you may need a no credit check mortgage. Some of the most popular reasons you may need such a mortgage are having no verifiable income, or having a great income, but poor credit score or no credit history. If you have your own business, especially if it’s fairly new, you may have a very high income, but you may not have either the income history or documentation required by most mortgage lenders. The same is true if you did very well in investments at an early age or are a professional athlete early in your career. What are you supposed to do? Unless you have enough cash on hand to actually purchase a property outright, you’re going to need a mortgage. Unfortunately, many mortgage lenders won’t give you the time of day unless you can verify your income and credit history. If you don’t have either, you’ll be out of luck.

Fear not, there is hope if you want a mortgage but don’t want to get a credit check first. It won’t be as easy as running to your neighborhood bank or mortgage broker, but you’ll be able to get that mortgage and purchase your house. You will probably have to do more legwork to find a mortgage lender that is willing to loan money to you without performing a credit check.

Look at it from the lender’s perspective. It is much easier, less expensive and more accurate for them to assess your ability to repay your mortgage if they can check your credit. Any lender is interested in your ability to repay their money. The more difficult it is for them to determine weather or not you can do so, the higher interest rate you’ll typically pay for your mortgage. You can still get a mortgage if you don’t allow them to run a credit check however.

They may require a larger down payment in addition to a higher interest rate. In some cases they may not give you a higher interest rate, but you may have to have at least 20% down. The larger your down payment is on the property, the lower the risk for the mortgage lender. If they need to foreclose, they stand to have your equity to recover their costs. In addition, experience has determined that the larger your down payment, the less likely you are to default on the mortgage. Again, it’s about the lender lessening their risk.

You’ll probably have to approach many lenders in order to find those willing to work with you, and to get the best interest rate and fee structure for your loan. In any case this is a good approach to take. You want to be able to compare the loan package from several different lenders, especially in the case of a no credit check mortgage. Lenders know your options are limited compared to a conventional mortgage. That’s another reason you stand to pay higher interest rates and fees.

So, don’t give up in your search for a no credit check mortgage. There are lenders that will make your dream a reality. Weather you work with a mortgage broker, or other service that looks at mortgages from several lenders, you probably have to compare what you are offered from multiple different lenders. They key to getting a great mortgage is to get out there and look.

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