Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover, Unless It’s Product Packaging


No matter how phenomenal your business or product is, it will need the proper packaging to make it visually and logistically appealing. When we say “logistically appealing”, we are referring to everything from how long it takes you to make your packaging to how it looks (and fits) on a store shelf.

The proper packaging can make the world of difference, especially with regard to efficiency.

Form And Function

Whatever product you are selling needs to be protected from damage, from the point it gets packaged to the point it gets purchased by a consumer. That is the most basic function of packaging. When selecting the material, whether cardboard, plastic, or even metal, make sure it gets the job done.

After making sure your product is protected, your design must also accommodate the logistics of business, like shipping and stocking. Sure, packaging your product in a cardboard sphere with styrofoam inside will protect it, but it will just roll around in the box, or truck, or even right off the shelf. That, and styrofoam is not good for the environment.

What Am I, Swiss Cheese?

Packaging is basically advertising and marketing for your business. If a customer or client can walk right by your product on a shelf and not notice it, your package design needs an overhaul. In order to function as advertising, it needs to be memorable.

Differentiation is key. You need to differentiate your brand of a product from all the others. Our recommendation? Do some research before creating a new packaging design. Everything from material (recycled cardboard is quite “in” at the moment) to color scheme can affect how appealing your product will be to a consumer. The images you choose to be on your packaging are important. Most businesses opt to have their logo featured as the main image on their product. Sometimes, it even matches the name (e.g. Target).

Ready For Awesome

Depending on the size and scope of your business, investing in a rotary-die cutting machine can be a boon for your business (and ultimately pay for itself). Once you have the machine, you can order custom roto-dies for all of your design needs. When you have your package design, you can also determine what else will go on it. You can have quotes, water-saving tips, fun facts, pretty much anything that will make your product stand out to the consumer. This can include ease of transport for the consumer as well. A box of soda is easier to deal with than soda in a bunch of plastic rings.

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