Let’s explore hats for specific outfits – Hat lovers don’t dare to miss!

13 Types of Men's Hats for Any Occasion | Man of Many

Although the cap is almost unanimous, some men want to add something new to their style by opting for a nice hat. It is one of the classic pieces of men’s clothing. Widely used, the traditional hat lost ground to the cap that, driven by the baseball fever in the United States, won over young Americans and a large part of Western youth.

It is very unlikely that the hat will be as indispensable an accessory as it was in the 20s and 30s. However, it is enough to walk around urban centers to notice that they increasingly cover men’s heads. Obviously, it is not enough to just stop by the hat shop and buy the first model you find. Regardless of your style, the hat can really spice up your look.  Check out some styles and learn how to use them.

  • Panama hat for men

Contrary to what many may be thinking, the Panama hat is not made in the Central American country, but in Ecuador. However, this model became known because of a visit by the then President of the United States, Roosevelt, to the construction of the Panama Canal. On that occasion, Roosevelt wore a copy of the Ecuadorian hat. 

Panama hat: ideal for sunny days, it can be easily worn with casual clothes. Even because it has a style more conducive to tropical areas, it can be easily worn with casual clothes, such as t-shirts and shorts. However, its elegance is also combined with light colored suits. Made of pale straw, panama hats are ideal for hot days.

  • Leather cowboy hat

In the summer, the best choice is cowboy hats to protect you. You can get leather cowboy hats in different materials (straw, felt, synthetic leather) in the market. The genuine cowboy hat is made with specific raw material, highest quality bull leather. Some costly models are made with crocodile leather. 

The straw cowboy hat is made from special natural fibre from Ecuador, similar as Panama hat. The cowboy hat calls for a more refined look, even if you are not completely formal, that is, some more sophisticated pieces must be present for the look to work.

  • Trilby Hat

Trilby has this younger, more laid-back look to it, although it has shared the spotlight with Fedora in decades past. You can wear that hat to go out with the crowd without compromise or to compose a tidy look at a nice event. 

Trilby has this very fun style. The idea is to wear it with casual attire and wear it in environments that do not require any formality. It is no wonder that there was a time when standup comedy artists loved this model.

  • Coconut hat

Created in 1849, it was commissioned by an English politician who wanted a hat that was tighter. Also known as Bowler or Derby, the bowler hat gained great notoriety in the early 20th century for being the model used by Charles Chaplin. Traditionally more formal, it goes well with suits. 

Very popularized by Chaplin, the bowler hat requires formal attire, but this idea is changing. However, this paradigm is being broken every day. The tip is not to wear it with an all-white outfit, unless you want to dress up messy.

  • Fedora

One of the most traditional models, the fedora hat is made of felt and can be of various colors, with black, brown and gray being the most common. Although it was an inseparable hat for many men, such as Frank Sinatra, it was originally created for a woman. 

Versatile, the fedora hat can be combined with a variety of clothing styles. In the second half of the 19th century, the famous French actor received the hat to star in the theatrical show Fedora, which eventually made the model’s name popular.

  • Pork pie

The pork pie hat is a classic model. Even in the Civil War, it was already used. Nevertheless, even after two centuries, his style still makes many men’s minds. Its great pork pie hats are lower and more regular (straight) than fedora hats. 

In the end

Suppose you are still not used to wearing a hat in your compositions. In that case, it is advisable to start using it together with more basic clothes and neutral colors such as white and black, so you will gain confidence and learn the best way to combine the men’s hat with your clothes and your style. Over time, you will add bolder pieces and more colors to your men’s hat look. What are you waiting for? Check out the cowboy hats today. Add as many as you want to your growing collection. Every time, you step out, flaunt a new cowboy hat and become the center of attraction. Let your hat be the conversation starter.