20 European Nations to Benefit from Stripe’s Issuing Services

Stripe launches issuing service in 20 European countries

Stripe, the payments processing giant, has rolled out its issuing service in more than a dozen European nations, according to last month’s announcement.

The service, dubbed Stripe Issuing (which already runs in the US), intends to simplify the card-issuing process for European businesses and their customers. Previously, it took months to generate and ship cards in Europe. However, Stripe Issuing has shortened the wait to two days.

The service will launch in 20 nations, including: 

  1. Austria, 
  2. Belgium, 
  3. Cyprus, 
  4. Estonia, 
  5. Finland, 
  6. France, 
  7. Germany, 
  8. Greece, 
  9. Ireland, 
  10. Italy,
  11.  Latvia,
  12.  Lithuania, 
  13. Luxembourg,
  14.  Malta, 
  15. The Netherlands, 
  16. Portugal, 
  17. Slovakia, 
  18. Slovenia, 
  19. Spain
  20. The U.K.,

Stripe’s issuing services let users generate, manage and share plastic and virtual payment cards, allowing businesses more power over their spending. According to the payment enabler, the service will change Europe’s “opaque” credit card issuing strategy.

“Previously, it took months to generate and ship cards in Europe. However, Stripe Issuing has shortened the wait to two days,” said Matt Henderson, a senior executive at Stripe. “We’ve been perplexed by the troves of uses US business found for Stripe Issuing, and we’re eager to see whatever the European market will make of it.”

Stripe also mentioned that the service is already in the US market at a “significant scale,” enabling payments (in billions of dollars) for thousands of retailers and millions of brands in the previous year.

“Users can manage cards generated through Stripe autonomously and enjoy flexible spending limits,  categorized merchant groups, sophisticated rule combinations, and even real-time verifications for every payment, all controlled through Stripe’s Issuing Application Program Interface(API),” the firm said.

The platform links with Stripe’s existing infrastructure allowing businesses to stay on top of their card issuing activities and still manage payments, invoices, analytics, billing, and protect themselves from fraud.

About Stripe

Rolled out in 2010 by two brothers John & Patrick Collison, Stripe is a reputable digital payment service battling market giants like Square and PayPal. Stripe has signed in more than 200,00 users since Coronavirus started last year. 

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